Increasing ROI for You

This title implies the return on our investments in woodworking can be increased by taking a couple easy steps. We will learn to recognize the dullness in saw blades before burn marks appear in the wood, and before feeling the "draw down" in cutting power. Because a dull tool will use greater energy (electricity) (an expense), quickly turning our expense cents into dollars. The reason is that the increase in radii of the bevel in the teeth signifies an increase in dullness in turn requiring more energy(an expense) to cut through material. This same principle results in more surface area being removed at sharpening (an expense) resulting in a shorter life for that blade/tool (another expense).
And so in the first step, we should be checking the cutting edge of saw teeth with a good light. Light reflection will indicate dullness. Remember, dullness is light, darkness is sharp. This phrase seems like a misnomer. Make inspections of saw teeth routine an in doing so you'll prevent the burn marks and all those expenses covered in the preceding paragraph. And for other step, begin making routine saw blade/tool turnover, by putting dull tools in an area to be sharpened. This is a time saver as well as a penny saver.
Statistics in business reveal that frequent, smaller expenses adversely effect profits more than infrequent, larger expenses.
Best wishes to everyone this holiday season. Next, on my list is to see if an angle of greater than 0° in the bevel will increase the life of the tooth in a blade. A prominent Japanese manufacturer puts a 5° bevel in the teeth of their blades. I may need that calibers, a dynamometer and i am not sure what other tools yet to do this analysis... well until next posting, take care and best wishes!

Matt L.

p.s. " A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw, the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?" -nursery rhyme

Wanting: Handsaws

Are you enjoying Autumn tree colors and the beautiful skylines at dusk and dawn? It's a great time of year for seeing God's Hand in nature. Lately, I have been doing alot of jointing, setting, and sharpening of handsaws. Jointing saws is the use of a file to bring all the teeth to a near-level condition. Setting teeth is what it sounds like... putting the teeth into place with a sawset. And of course, sharpening involves the use of a file to bring all the teeth into a sharp condition. Note that: once the saw is jointed, there are flat points at the end of each tooth and you file until the flat spot is removed.
Keep track of the number of strokes you've filed and apply this same number of strokes for each tooth. If you have any questions, please contact me.
We are refurbishing(fancy word for all the above in addition to cleaning) handsaws and selling them.


The Disston handsaws are in greatest demand, and so you'll receive more for them.
Please review past blogs to find that we service a wide variety of sharpening needs. Have a careful and nice Fall season!

best regards,

TIMBEERRR-saw Recently Sharpened!

Recently, I sharpened a timbersaw... the first such saw for me! I had to look back thru notes to remember how to sharpen this type of saw. The rakers needed to be 1/32" shorter than the cutters; otherwise then the bevel on the cutters are sharpened with the factory bevel and the bevels on the rakers with 90 degrees.
The owner is going to power the saw with a small engine at the Portland Engine Show which is in Portland, IN the last week of August.

Thank you for reading,
best wishes,

Convocation on Saturday

Sharper Edges will be having a convocation this Saturday (July 23, 2011) at Quilts-N-Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. Here you can have tools sharpened on-site at reduced prices. The convo will begin at 9 A.M. and end whenever customers are gone. View the GoogleMaps widget on the side to find the location.

A New Sharpening Demonstration

Sharper Edges recently put a new demonstration video on YouTube. The video shows how we use our advanced machine for sharpening items such as hole saws, carbide router bits, and shaper cutters.

Zehr's Consignment Auction/Sale

If you head for Joe Zehr's, 400 East between 500south and St Rd 218 in Adams County, then you'll find a large consignment auction/sale this Saturday, June 18th. We'll have a booth, selling knives, scissors, saw blades and candles. We hope to see you at Joe's (by the way Joe is Amish).
We still continue working to broaden our client base. Soon we'll be mailing bus. postcards to potential clients.
Our recently purchased Universal Sharpener is performing excellent. It is versatile; yet has control in machining. One of my finest clients said, 'My router bits have never been sharper'.
Sorry for this very short post; but we are behind in getting around our things for the auction. Until later... take care!

Gaining Market Share: an Endeavor of Persistance!

A person has to respect anyone doing an honest business these days! We've purchased the Universal Sharpener , and as we had hoped, it is turning into a good thing for our customers and us; but gaining market share is not an easy thing to do in this economy.
With the Universal sharpener, we have more precision and speed in sharpening carbide circular blades, router bits, shaper cutters and hole saws.
Very soon, we will have capabilities to sharpen joiner and planer blades... and then at very reasonable costs.
Soliciting new customers, servicing current customers and with continued quality work we shall improve our lot and hopefully please many!

Have a great day!!

best regards,
Matt Lehman

"If you cannot first put it in writing, then I doubt you know what you are talking about." -Warren Buffet

Business Expansion, Sharper Edges

We are doing quality work in sharpening router bits (@$4.50ea.), shaper cutters (@$10ea., max 6" w/ 1/2 to 1-1/4" bore), and carbide saw blades (@17¢/tooth) with our purchase of a new machine.
After several months of research and analysis, we settled on the US-550 PRO sharpening system. I called the company and the owner said they recently hired the Ukranian who had patented this quality sharpening machine. If you'd like to view the machine in demo, then click:
Hope you are having a great winter. In a couple days, the midwest is expecting a major snow/ice storm. Well, I need to check out our generator beforehand... always things to get done!

Thought for us: Do not mind critics,.. it is the others... they might be asleep!