Business Expansion, Sharper Edges

We are doing quality work in sharpening router bits (@$4.50ea.), shaper cutters (@$10ea., max 6" w/ 1/2 to 1-1/4" bore), and carbide saw blades (@17¢/tooth) with our purchase of a new machine.
After several months of research and analysis, we settled on the US-550 PRO sharpening system. I called the company and the owner said they recently hired the Ukranian who had patented this quality sharpening machine. If you'd like to view the machine in demo, then click:
Hope you are having a great winter. In a couple days, the midwest is expecting a major snow/ice storm. Well, I need to check out our generator beforehand... always things to get done!

Thought for us: Do not mind critics,.. it is the others... they might be asleep!

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