The Winter Season Is At Our Doorstep

Welcome to our site! I am hoping you have been doing well. This winter when the weather outside is harsh, consider sharpening your tools. Your tools will then be sharp at the time you need them, and you'll receive optimal performance and satisfaction... not to mention, you may save yourself sweat and blisters for a future date!
As with most all tools having teeth or a blade, you can determine sharpness by viewing the point of teeth or the blade with a good light. If the tooth or blade is all bevel, having no flat(dull) area no surface area to reflect light, then it is sharp. Contrariwise, light will reflect off of flat surfaces, so where no bevel exists it is dull. Think of it as... too sharp to shine!
Some links for sites I find helpful have been added in the right margin of the blog.

Wishing the best for you,