Wanting: Handsaws

Are you enjoying Autumn tree colors and the beautiful skylines at dusk and dawn? It's a great time of year for seeing God's Hand in nature. Lately, I have been doing alot of jointing, setting, and sharpening of handsaws. Jointing saws is the use of a file to bring all the teeth to a near-level condition. Setting teeth is what it sounds like... putting the teeth into place with a sawset. And of course, sharpening involves the use of a file to bring all the teeth into a sharp condition. Note that: once the saw is jointed, there are flat points at the end of each tooth and you file until the flat spot is removed.
Keep track of the number of strokes you've filed and apply this same number of strokes for each tooth. If you have any questions, please contact me.
We are refurbishing(fancy word for all the above in addition to cleaning) handsaws and selling them.


The Disston handsaws are in greatest demand, and so you'll receive more for them.
Please review past blogs to find that we service a wide variety of sharpening needs. Have a careful and nice Fall season!

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