Gaining Market Share: an Endeavor of Persistance!

A person has to respect anyone doing an honest business these days! We've purchased the Universal Sharpener , and as we had hoped, it is turning into a good thing for our customers and us; but gaining market share is not an easy thing to do in this economy.
With the Universal sharpener, we have more precision and speed in sharpening carbide circular blades, router bits, shaper cutters and hole saws.
Very soon, we will have capabilities to sharpen joiner and planer blades... and then at very reasonable costs.
Soliciting new customers, servicing current customers and with continued quality work we shall improve our lot and hopefully please many!

Have a great day!!

best regards,
Matt Lehman

"If you cannot first put it in writing, then I doubt you know what you are talking about." -Warren Buffet

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