All A-hoy for T-Alloy!

Hello!  Hope you're having a super-great summer. An improvement we've made is that now we sharpen t-alloy shaper cutters and router bits.  T-alloy is one of the most advance cutting materials available today. Being very durable, you have less chipping, cracking and corrosion  with t-alloy tools than carbide and HSS.


The cost for sharpening t-alloy is 40%more than carbide; but the need for sharpening is 50% less, so actually the cost is nearer to only 20% more than carbide.  T-alloy shaper cutters are $5 per wing and t-alloy router bits are $2.80 per wing.
T-Alloy bits may be purchased from Freeborn Tool Company, Inc.  ph :  18005238988,  web:, be sure to mention my name: Matt Lehman and our company, Sharper Edges when ordering.
"Since the 1970's, Freeborn Tool Co. has been a leading manufacturer of shaper cutters. All Freeborn shaper cutters go through a stringent quality assurance program throughout the production process with multiple checks, and balancing to ensure perfect fitting."

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